Hybrid Beer: The Best Of Both Worlds

Hybrid Beers were created out of necessity, tradition and brewer creativity. These styles are commonly brewed with lager brewing methods but fermented with ale yeast or vice versa. They are referred to as hybrid beers because these beers combine the two worlds of beer (ale and lager) to make a delicious craft beer. Hybrids are sometimes difficult to find, but in the city of Philadelphia you should have no trouble! Check out the hybrid guide below to see what style you would like to try.


Earth: The Environmentally Friendly Restaurant And Brewery

William Allen was a valuable Philadelphia merchant and Chief Justice of the Province of Pennsylvania. During the summers he resided in his huge estate located on Germantown Avenue. Later on, in the 18th century, the area was titled Mount Airy due to the name of Allen’s estate. The neighborhood of Mount Airy grew tremendously in the 20th and 21st century, with the addition of a variety of independent shops, restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, and professional offices.

The Five General Styles of Dark Lager

Did you know that lagers were mainly brewed dark and cask-conditioned until the 1840s? During that same time┬áperiod, a Bavarian brewer by the name of John Wagner arrived in Philadelphia where he concocted the first American Lager beer. Prior to the 19th century, various styles of lager were brewed in southern parts of Germany. Today,… Continue reading The Five General Styles of Dark Lager

The Five Basic Styles Of Pale Ales

Did you know that the term “pale ale” originated in 1703 for beers that were made from malts dried with coke? Did you know that malts dried with coke are what gave pale ales their lighter color? Today, pale ales are known for their light-colored body and┬ástrongly flavored hops. I will be covering the five… Continue reading The Five Basic Styles Of Pale Ales