Round Guys: “No Monkey business, just well-rounded beers”

Have you ever heard of Round Guys Brewing Company in Lansdale, PA? Well if you haven’t, you can learn all about it here! As a former graduate of North Penn High School, I was extremely excited to check out a brewery right in the middle of Main Street.

A Lifelong Dream That Came True

Out of all the breweries I have visited throughout The Philly Beergrimage, Round Guys Brewing has been around the longest, and after my visit this past Tuesday I can understand why! Established in the Spring of 2012, owners Scott Rudich and Rich DiLiberto decided to open up a brewery in the heart of the Lansdale. Located right on the corner of Main and Wood Streets sits the very comforting and relaxing Round Guys brewpub and brewery.


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Over the past five years, Round Guys Brewing has built up a popular reputation among Lansdale residents and beer lovers from other areas of Montgomery county. Although their brewpub is small compared to some of the breweries in Philadelphia, the overall atmosphere, beer list, and food menu make up for it.


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Their beers range from delicious chocolate malt flavored porters to roasted imperial stouts and even some tasty hop flavored IPAs. All of the employees at Round Guys pride themselves on creating well-rounded beers and delicious German-style food.  No matter what type of beer palette you have, Round Guys is the place to check out for some beautifully crafted beer!

The Men Behind Round Guys

Rudich and DiLiberto achieved one of their lifelong dreams when they officially decided to open up a brewery. Since 2012, the brewers at Round Guys have been unstoppable, creating many different styles of beer that customers can enjoy at the brewpub or in the comfort of their own home.

Brewers Rich DiLiberto and Scott Rudich of Round Guys Brewing Co
On the left, we have Rich DiLiberto. On the right, we have Scott Rudich. Image source here

Scott Rudich attended the University of Notre Dame where he earned his degree in Biology. Rudich first attempted home brewing more than 15 years ago, but after a few unbearable beers he put off the hobby for about 10 years. Through his strong wit and natural talent, Rudich became skilled in the world of brewing beer. In 2013, he was awarded the Brewer Award for the 2013 Philadelphia Rising Stars.

I had the pleasure of talking to the Director of Marketing and Strategic Management, Bill McGeeney on the phone. McGeeney joined the Round Guys team in the Fall of 2012 and has been working hard to build their brand recognition, public relations, and partnerships, while expanding their consumer base and the establishment as well.

My Experience

After a long work day, all I wanted to do was enjoy some good beer with a close friend. Before arriving at Round Guys we weren’t sure what to expect, so when we got there we headed straight to the bar. (I must say for a Tuesday night, the brewpub was packed!) When trying to decide what beers to try, an enthusiastic employee suggested that we try all 16 beers on tap for the reasonable price of $30 (He even threw in two beer samples that weren’t on the draft list!).


Image source: Samantha Brightman


I couldn’t have been more excited, each beer was unique in its own way and I was able to try different beer styles that I hadn’t before. These styles include a Russian Imperial Stout, Baltic Porter, Quadrupel and WitBier.

Since we were there during dinner time, we decided to try a few things on the menu. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to participate in Taco Tuesday ($1 tacos!!!) because they had run out of taco ingredients by the time we got there. My friend and I enjoyed the “Jungle Man” platter, a charcuterie board with local cheeses and meats from Doe Run, Freeland Market and pickled vegetables from their own kitchen. The board was unusual due to its traditional German-style, but boy was it delicious. I’m pretty sure the platter was cleared within 15 minutes of getting it!


Image source: Samantha Brightman


I highly recommend making the trek out to Lansdale to visit this awesome, laid-back brewery. With unique beers such as the Round Guys BerlinerWeisster, you’re sure to find something you like!

Review Time

For those of you who took my quiz about Stouts, here are the answers.

  1. What is the most well-known Irish Dry stout out there today? Guinness Extra Stout
  2. Since it is referred to as a Milk stout, what would be the perfect dessert to accompany this beer? Ice Cream
  3. Which stout style has the highest ABV content? American Imperial Stout
  4. In Philadelphia, where can you enjoy a nice English-style Oatmeal stout? 2nd Story Brewing Company

Check in next week to learn all about the different types of Pale Ales out there today!



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