Tower Hill Brewery: Taking Traditional Recipes To The Next Level

Living in the suburbs can be difficult for beer drinkers, but not for those who live in Chalfont, PA. Tower Hill Brewery opened in 2015, when Stan Kraft decided that he wanted to create an upper-class Gastropub, who appreciates hand crafted beer and handmade food that goes along with it!

Stan The Man

Stan attended the Culinary Institute of America where he earned his degree in Restaurant Management. He worked in various Italian restaurants, the Keystone Hospice and ran the Deli at the Flourtown Farmers Market for more than 11 years. Stan discovered the location for Tower Hill through his daughter and after intense research, he decided to purchase the building and open his own restaurant!

Pictured on the left is the owner, Stan Kraft and on the right is the head brewer, Lou Farrell

Stan is not only the owner of Tower Hill Brewery but he is also the genius behind the food. Through his traditional and innovative recipes, Stan is raising the bar for all local breweries. Lou and Stan make collaboration look easy with they way they pair their beers with items on the menu (Ex. Fish & Chips with their King George Special Bitter). Even though they are relatively new, Stan and Lou have successfully promoted themselves across all social media platforms, welcoming new customers and informing beer lovers about the hard work that goes into each beer.

Lou Farrell, An Award Winning Craft Brewer

Lou Farrell began his brewing career in 1990, when William Kemper asked him to join him at Dock Street Brewery. At the time William Kemper was the head brewer and took Lou under his wing, teaching him everything he could about the brewing business. In 1991, Lou became the head brewer of Dock Street and stayed there for another two years. During his time there, Lou formulated thirty-two different kinds of beer using local ingredients and historical brewing methods.

This photo is of Lou back in the early 1990s when he worked as a brewer at Dock Street

After Dock Street, Lou started his beer consulting business throughout New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. Due to his love and talent for brewing, Lou was the first pub brewer to receive admission to the prestigious Master Brewers Association of Americas. He has also been a two time judge for the Great American Beer Festival and won silver for his American cream-ale. Lou describes the cream ale as a “representation of the immigration throughout Philadelphia over the past couple centuries”.


Lou joined the Tower Hill team back in June, but has been involved in the brewing field for almost 30 years. Due to the temperature and location of the brewery equipment, all of the beers that are brewed at Tower Hill are ales. Lou Farrell is a talented brewmaster that combines both flavor and science to formulate brews to perfection.

My Time At Tower Hill Brewery

Since I am from North Wales (very close to Chalfont) I was looking forward to visiting a brewery that is located in my area. When I arrived Stan and Lou were shooting a short video clip where they were explaining their beer and food pairings. They have been working hard to pair their beers with various items on their menu because they truly believe it is the next stage for craft breweries. Although the brewery is small, there is a lot of character in the building.

Whenever Lou is brewing a new batch of beers customers get to see first hand the entire process because his brewery materials are directly behind the bar. All of their drink items are written on their chalk wall in colorful detail. Plus if you are hesitant on what beer to try, any employee in the brewery would be more than happy to assist you.


I enjoyed my time here because everyone was so kind and I truly felt like a regular. Anyone can tell that Stan is beyond dedicated to his craft of cooking and the same goes for Lou with his beer. I will definitely being going back to Tower Hill, even if it’s just to try their homemade pirogies!

Review Time

For those of you who took my quiz about pairing beers with food, here are the answers!

  1. What type of cheese pairs well with an American imperial porter? Smoked Gouda
  2. What type of meat should you eat while enjoying a Baltic-style porter? Prime Rib
  3. If you made chocolate peanut butter cookies, what porter style(s) would taste good with them? Robust Porter & English-style Brown Porter
  4. Since the Smoke Porter uses wood-smoked malt, what is the perfect treat to pair it with? S’mores

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading about Tower Hill Brewery and my experience. Make sure to check back next week for more!


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