Stickman Brews: A Simple Take On Craft Beer

Looking for a new brewery to check out over the holidays? Do you want to escape the congested city and enjoy some craft beer? Well if you do, Stickman Brews is the place to check out!

The Background on Stickman Brews

Stickman Brews is a family owned business located in Royersford, PA. They officially opened for business on December 18th, 2015 and have been growing ever since! Stickman’s is a casual, welcoming place for all backgrounds to get together and enjoy some beer. The brewery is run by two cousins, Jim and Ethan Buckman, and Jim’s wife, Kate Sorrento. At Stickman’s, everything is done in-house, including the mashing of their own grain. All of their brewery materials are located directly behind the bar and are always open for customers to take a peek!

Ethan is the head brewer/co-owner, while Jim and Kate are the business fanatics that keep Stickman’s successful. Jim and Kate focus on financial and business operations such as paying bills, delivering their products, scheduling meetings and making sure the brewery is stocked with everything it needs. The brewers, Ethan and Matt, work hard to add modern American twists on Belgian-inspired beers. Stickman’s focuses on Belgian Farmhouse brewing by including open-top style tanks and house cultures of farmhouse and wild yeasts. Although they are fairly new, they are making headway in the craft beer industry with the production of about 1,000 barrels of beer in their first year.

The Men Behind the Brews

Ethan Buckman began his brewing career in his dorm hall during freshman year as a source of income. As an intelligent freshman, Ethan started buying brewing ingredients and selling his handcrafted beers to his fellow classmates. In his sophomore year, he began an internship at Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh, PA. After a semester and a half, Ethan was offered a full-time position and left school to pursue a career in brewing. Since then he spent time working for Mustang Brewing Company, Hofbrauhaus, Free Will Brewing and is now the head brewer/co-owner at Stickman’s.

Matt Freed is the assistant brewer and helps Ethan with everything on the brewing side of Stickman’s. He attended Drexel University and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Besides engineering, Matt also has a passion for brewing beers. He was a homebrewer for about 5 years before he joined the Stickman’s team and has loved brewing beers ever since!

My experience

I visited Stickman Brews with my dad and few other close friends and I could not have had a better experience. When we arrived, Ethan was very kind and showed us all the work that goes into brewing, bottling and barreling the beers. In general, Stickman’s is an open environment with high ceilings and a generalized work area. All of their employees are welcoming and inclusive, making your experience memorable.

The brewery includes numerous different games for you and your friends to enjoy while drinking their beer (My friends and I played a couple of rounds of darts and Jenga).  At first, I was unsure of what beer I wanted to try but Ethan had no problem assisting in my choice. I decided to get a “Stickman Flight” so I could try four of their beers including, Pretty Boy, Sales Incentive, Plant Matter, and Store Bought is Fine (I know, the names are great). My personal favorite was Sales Incentive, an IPA that is funky and wild fermented (I enjoyed four glasses, maybe more).

From left to right, we have Store Bought is Fine, Plant Matter, Sales Incentive, and Pretty Boy. Image source: Samantha Brightman

Although I only tried four that day, Stickman’s has twelve delicious beers that they keep on tap for a variety of different beer pallets. I would highly recommend this brewery to any beer lover in the Philadelphia area because honestly, I can’t wait to go back and win at Jenga again!


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